Ariane Loze

Ariane Loze, Belgium 1988. Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Since 2008 Ariane Loze researches the coming to life of a story out of seemingly unrelated images with her camera. In these series of videos she takes on all the parts: she is at the same time the actress, the camerawoman and the director. Through the editing of the images she develops a relation between two (or more) characters and the architecture. The videos of Ariane Loze put the spectator in the active role of creating his/her own story out of the basic principles of film editing: shot and counter-shot, the presumed continuity of movement, and the psychological suggestion of a narrative. The filming of these videos has been made public as a ongoing performance. 

Ariane Loze studied theatre direction at the RITCS Brussels, and took part in a.pass (Advanced Performance And Scenography Studies) in Antwerp. She is laureate of the HISK (Higher Institute for Fine Arts) Ghent 2016-17.

Fresh radio interview with Ariane Loze:


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