Sarisa Dhammalangka

“I just want my art to create a movement in the society,” said Sarisa Dhammalangka, a transgender artist from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Movement of ideas, bodies, and mentalities. Freelance translator, Chef then Artist, Sarisa did not make art her main carrier since she wants it to remain her true passion in life. Art is a way for her to give her own answer to philosophical issues in life. As a trans person, finding her identity has been an ongoing challenge. She graduated with a master degree in visual art program from Fine art school in Chiang Mai University. She was an exchange researcher at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Art and Music as well as exhibited her first artwork in Japan during Setouchi Biennale 2013. Later in the same year, Sarisa was selected for the Thailand Brand-new Artist project. Her story was chosen to published in the booklet as 1 out of 108 Thailand Contemporary Artist to keep your eye on in 2018.


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