Gary Hill, Nam June Paik, and Peter Doig coming

Prior to the opening of our ‘She ate the crumbs’ exhibition at HB Nezu, we were in Korea (before the outbreak) to see the Gary Hill show ‘Momentombs’ at the Suwon Museum of Art (S. will write the principle essay for the exhibition catalogue), and we will be writing an extended essay for France on Momentombs, along with an an interview with Gary Hill.  We also made a visit to the Nam June Paik Center for future collaborations (Y. is exploring his collaboration with Charlotte Moorman) and look at their current selection of Paik works on display.  We are grateful for the warm and professional welcome we received and hope that those venues, which have since closed because of the virus, will be able to open soon again.After we got back, MoMAT had an opening for a Peter Doig show, with the artist on hand to guide the media through the evolution of his practice.  We will be posting reviews of each event in the coming days.


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