Edi Dubien

Edi Dubien was born in 1963 in Issy les Moulineaux, France. Although he began showing work in the mid-nineties, it was only after 2011 that he started to become a presence in the French art scene and in 2018 joined the roster of artists represented by the Galerie Alain Gutharc in Paris. His work (painting, drawing, sculpture) locates itself at a crossroad where reminiscences of a solitary childhood and correcting an assigned gender identity encounter a profound desire for immersion within a purely organic environment, of forests, birds and animals. In 2020, the prestigious Lyon Contemporary Art Museum held his first major institutional exhibition.

1963年にイッシー・レ・ムリノー(フランス)生まれ。1990年代に作品を発表し始め、2011年以降フランスのアートシーンで存在感を示し、2018年からGalerie Alain Gutharcに所属。絵画や彫刻などを制作し、孤独な子供時代の回想と割り当てられた性同一性の修正、そして動物や森の純粋に有機的な環境に浸りたいという深い願望は一貫したモチーフ。2020年に、リヨン現代美術館で大規模な個展が開催。

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