Red and Black: A Mirror Walking along a Main Road

S_Z has been invited as guest curators for our show Red and Black: A Mirror Walking along a Main Road with Pascal Lièvre, Cathy Burghi, and Yi Ann at New Energy Zero (Feb. 17-19, 2022 | Shinjuku Sumitomo Bld.) conceived by Blue Marble.

S_Zが、Blue Marbleの企画による複合型イベント「New Energy Zero」の一環として、『赤と黒 ー大通りを歩く鏡ー』展を開催します(2022年2月17日~19日|新宿住友ビル)。Pascal Lièvre(フランス)、Cathy Burghi(ウルグアイ・ブラジル)、と伊安(Yi Ann、中国)3名の作者を紹介する予定です。どうぞよろしくお願いします。

We are pleased to feature a text by Pascal Lièvre on a recent exhibition of paintings by Derek Jarman, held at the Crédec, Sep. 25–Dec. 19, 2021. Audiences in Japan may be familiar with Jarman’s films through his association with Uplink. There have been, however, few opportunities to see Jarman’s other works in Japan.


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